About Us

Hawaiian Rainbow Bees LLC
“Honey for Everyone”

One of the owners had really bad allergies (Lots of sneezing and congestion!). In an effort to naturally treat the allergies, he discovered that local raw honey seriously helped him. By eating the honey daily, he could now read to his girls at night and breath easy :) . They began as beekeepers, in order to treat these allergies and to insure a supply of raw Hawaiian honey.

Hawaiian Rainbow Bees is a small family owned and operated company, focused on producing a local, unprocessed, healthy Hawaiian honey. Many of the bees maintained by Hawaiian Rainbow Bees are located on organic farms, and serve as important pollinators for these farm locations.

Their girls chose the company name “Hawaiian Rainbow Bees”, because of the daily rainbows above our apiaries, and the fact that there are many colorful tropical blossoms incorporated into our delicious honey.

Their original Hawaiian Tiki bottle was lovingly crafted with respect and attention to detail. Its design was primarily based on Tiki from the Island of Hawaii “Place of Refuge” and Tiki preserved at the Bishop Museum. The Tiki was chosen to represent our honey because we hope to share Hawaiian heritage and culture with the world. The iconic Tiki is lovingly fierce and says, “Aloha from Hawaii!” They are honored to provide an affordable yet high-quality product, to the local community, visiting tourist and world at large. They are “Hawaii’s Honey” and hope you enjoy its distinctively unique taste.