Honey Facts

Enzymes in Our Raw Honey

One of the characteristics that set Hawaiian Rainbow Bees natural honey apart from table sugar, other sweetening agents, and processed honey is the presence of active enzymes. The potency of the enzymes in honey varies depending on nectar and honey floral sources (composition), and the age of the bees.

Invertase (saccharase) 
[Introduced to honey by bees,] – The invertase enzyme splits sucrose into glucose and fructose.

Diastase (amylase) 
[Introduced to honey by bees,] – The amylases enzyme works by breaking down carbohydrates like rice and pasta into smaller sugars.

Glucose oxidase 
[Introduced to honey by bees,] – Which produces the antibacterial, antimicrobial hydrogen peroxide.

As these enzymes are sensitive to heat, visible and UV light, it is always recommended that honey be stored away from the sun and that extreme heating be avoided.


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