Our Honey

Premium Quality

Our Oahu Multi-Floral “Rainbow Blossom” was First Place Winner in 2013 Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge. We have also been awarded the State of Hawaii “Seal of Quality”.  Our company’s honey, upon inspection and review by the Department of Agriculture was deemed a “Quality Product”.

Limited & Exotic

Our Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Honey: Exclusively from Macadamia Nut farms located on the Island of Hawaii, which is the largest producer of Macadamia Nuts in the World.
Our Rainbow Blossom Honey: Derived from a uniquely Hawaiian blend of flowering trees from organic farms and rainforest sites; the blend includes Mango, Avocado, Lychee, & Passion Fruit.

Raw & Healthful

Our honey is intentionally raw and unprocessed. It provides superior health benefits then processed honey, because it contains natural enzymes introduced by the bees. Enzymes that break down sugars and carbohydrates aiding in digestion as well as help to prevent bacterial infections.

Iconic Packaging

Our trademarked Tiki bottles with Hawaiian motif labeling stand out uniquely as a bold new image. It is the “Hawaiian Honey” container.  It is an image that says, “Hawaii” and shares the Hawaiian spirit and taste of Aloha with the world.

Our Apiaries

We have approximately 50 hives and maintain 5 apiaries around the island of Oahu. Our apiaries are located in Manoa Valley in the Honolulu area, in the Hawaii Kai area, and on an active USDA approved organic farm in Poamaho, central Oahu, which grows quality tropical fruit. Click HERE to view some photos from our Apiaries.