Hawaii Beekeeper Awarded Design Patent for Tiki Bottle

Yorkston Tiki Patent 2017

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded a new patent to Malcolm Yorkston, a local inventor and entrepreneur based on Oahu. While receiving a patent for one’s creation would be reason for anyone to celebrate, this particular patent comes with a story more personal and heartfelt than the average inventor can most likely lay claim to.

The patent covers the design of Malcolm’s now-trademarked Hawaiian cultural bottle, which houses his local Hawaiian Rainbow Bees honey. These vessels mark a personal fight for cultural authenticity, and are meant to share the history of Hawaii, its people, and the spirit of Aloha with the world. When he started Hawaiian Rainbow Bees, he was on a mission to design a with a vessel for his honey that would honor Hawaii rather than exploit it. He spent three years researching Tiki images, reading Hawaiian literature and history, and working with a hula halau to come up with an original, but historically and culturally inspired, version of the Hawaiian god Ku, a traditional representative that could serve the purpose of sending the sweet, tropical flavors of old Hawaii to the rest of the world. His hope was that the story of Ku would build an interest for people around the globe to learn more of Hawaiian culture and heritage.

When looking at the patent, it is clear to see the intricate detail that went into making the vessel, as drawings of the bottle are shown from a variety of angles which show the immense amount of work that went into the design.

It is clear that the patent awarded to Hawaiian Rainbow Bees recognizes more than an original piece of artwork: it represents years of research and the thought that was put in to honor Hawaiian history, the spirit of Aloha, and the fierce determination which this vessel emits.

View the full patent here