Rainbow bees all natural oragnic raw honey, Hawaiian Islands.

Honey From Hawaii

Hawaiian honey bees producing raw honey from Hawaii.

Our Hawaiian Honey Varietals Include Award Winners

Rainbow Blossom Honey in a Tiki Bottle (24oz)

Rainbow Blossom

Rainbow Blossom is our unique, signature multi-floral honey, winner of a Best of Show Prize from the Big Island Beekeepers Association. Flavor/color profile: Rich amber with Hawaiian tropical flavor; ideal for gifts

Macadamia Nut Honey Tiki Bottles (24oz)

Macadamia Nut

A special honey from Hawaii's macadamia nut tree farms, it's stronger tasting and reminiscent of brown sugar or molasses; perfect for decadent recipes. Flavor/color profile: Thick and dark with bold, rich flavor; perfect for desserts

Lehua Honey in a Tiki Bottle (24oz)

Lehua Honey

Our lehua honey comes from the Ohia Lehua tree, which is only found in the Hawaiian Islands; the trees grow at high elevations on the rainforest slopes. Flavor/color profile: Bright and golden with a sugary-sweet traditional taste

HRB 9oz _ 24oz CB White

Christmas Berry

The Christmas Berry (Brazilian Pepper) tree produces a wonderfully light honey that's thinner and makes a great drizzle or topping for almost anything. Flavor/color profile: Light golden tone with a "butterscotch" or peppery flavor

Family owned big island honey producer, Hawaiian Rainbow Bees.

From Our Family To Yours

"Honey for Everyone" is Our Founding Principle

In an era where, too often, large corporations try to profit from the food terms organic, raw, and all-natural, we keep our prices realistic and affordable. Our mission is to support our local community while producing healthy, affordable Hawaiian honey.

Everyone wins when you do things the right way and the
product quality is unmatched.

We maintain facilities in Honolulu and on the Big Island near Hilo, Hawaii, and pull honey from approximately 2,500 hives in over 35 apiaries (bee yards) across the Islands.

They're located in the Ohia Lehua rainforest areas, Macadamia tree groves and agricultural regions growing cacao, coffee, bananas, coconuts, mangos, lychee, and avocados – you can see why our honey tastes amazing!

Best honey made in Hawaii. All-natural Hawaii honey from Hawaiian Rainbow Bees.

Timeline: A Brief History of Honey in Hawaii

  • 1857
    Honeybees from California arrive by ship; three hives are set up in the Nu'uanu Valley of Honolulu
  • 1890s
    Additional honeybee hives are established to increase the production of mesquite beans for livestock feed
  • 1892
    Macadamia nut trees arrive from Australia; growers find they can increase production with pollinating bees
  • Early 20th century
    Honeybees increase production from native and introduced species – guava, pineapple, coconut, macadamia nut
  • Mid-20th century to today
    More people discover the distinctive taste of honey from Hawaii; production increases continually

We Sell Wholesale Honey and Serve Retail Customers

As part of our "honey for everyone" philosophy, we
sell Hawaiian honey wholesale and also serve individual retail customers. All receive the same fresh, raw, all-natural Rainbow Bees Honey.

Many health and natural food stores throughout the
United States carry and sell our products. We offer fast shipping to them
direct from Hawaii.

Our products are an ideal choice for people who enjoy the best Hawaiian honey – and to be carried by natural and organic grocers who serve customers with the same tastes and expectations of quality.

We're also especially popular with individual customers and
as a Hawaii honey wholesaler thanks to innovative honey pouches and famous Tiki bottles. The Tikis are widely recognized symbols of Hawaii and make fun gifts for natural food lovers.

Award-winning Hawaiian Island Honey from Big Island honey company, Hawaiian Rainbow Bees.


Hawaiian Island Honey and the different varietals we offer at Rainbow Bees are unique and can be found nowhere else in the world.

The taste of our honey cannot be replicated because Hawaii has such a unique environment. Many of the hives from which we pull our honey are located in private, upland rainforest areas.

We also pull honey from farms that are healthy and organically maintained. Our bee hives are in quality, well-managed locations around the islands. Our award-winning honeys are only lightly filtered, contain natural enzymes, and consistently win awards within the state.