Hawaii Honey | A Taste Unlike Any Other

The quality of Hawaiian honey is extraordinary. The vast amounts of nectar and pollen available to our bees make for a unique, tropical-tasting honey you'll have a tough time finding elsewhere.

The tropical flowers of Oahu and the Big Island make a delicious difference. Our award-winning honey products include Hawaiian Rainbow Blossom (tropical multi-floral), Lehua, Christmas Berry, and Macadamia Nut. They are naturally bursting with one-of-a-kind flavors you'll love.

Buy direct, support a family-run business and its bees, and enjoy healthy, raw honey. It's a win-win!

Rainbow Bees' award-winning products include Hawaii Rainbow Blossom (tropical multi-floral), Lehua, Christmas Berry, and Macadamia Nut honey. We hope you'll try all four before deciding which ones are your favorite. Each has a taste, thickness, color, and flavor all its own.

Why Tropical Plants Mean Unique Flavor

As honey connoisseurs are well-aware, honey comes in distinct flavors influenced by the nectar and pollen a hive of bees collects. It means where honey is harvested makes a big difference in taste.

  • Hawaii is a floral paradise with unique blooms in abundance
  • More than 1,400 plant species are found in Oahu and the Big Island
  • Strategically located hives; adjacent to organic farms and rainforests

We've developed Rainbow Bees' honey products to produce the best Hawaii honey and place our 35 hive yards in locations that make a difference. It allows us to produce light, sweet products and others with darker, richer flavors – giving you options and choices to suit your taste.

Our Macadamia Nut and ʻŌhiʻa Lehua honey are Hawaiian specialties are sought-after and delicious, and our multi-floral tropical honey wins awards from expert taste testers. Each has different uses and is entirely distinct from any factory-farmed grocery store honey.

Types of Hawaiian Honey You Can Order from Us

Whether you consume honey for its delicious taste or health benefits, our natural, raw honey is an excellent choice. We produce it with a commitment to our bees' health and well-being and their vital role as ecosystem pollinators.

Our four Rainbow Blossom Hawaii honey varietals are specific to the Hawaiian Islands. We hope you'll try our uniquely delicious, all-natural, raw honey products.

Rainbow Blossom Honey in a Tiki Bottle (24oz)

Rainbow Blossom

Our one-of-a-kind multi-floral Hawaiian honey with tropical flavor, golden color, and "Best of Show" prize winner from the Big Island Beekeepers Association

Macadamia Hawaiian Honey Tiki Bottles (24oz)

Macadamia Nut

Darker honey with a rich, distinctive flavor, similar to brown sugar or molasses; ideal for desserts; from the macadamia nut trees of Hawaii

Lehua Honey in a Tiki Bottle (24oz)

Lehua Honey

Tropical honey from the ʻŌhiʻa Lehua tree groves on rainforest slopes; traditional sugary-sweet taste and golden color

HRB 9oz _ 24oz CB White

Christmas Berry

A distinctive lighter honey from the Brazilian Pepper (Christmas Berry) tree; thinner texture with a peppery or "butterscotch" flavor


Enjoy our all-natural Hawaiian honey as a replacement for white sugar or corn syrup; it's a great-tasting alternative to other sweeteners. Also, some people eat honey for its health benefits, including helping with coughs, sore throat, burns, ulcers, and regulating blood sugar levels.

Honey in Hawaii: A History-Making Story

At Rainbow Bees, we're local Hawaiian beekeepers and honey producers helping to continue the tradition and enjoyment of honey from Hawaii.

Our philosophy is "Honey for Everyone," and it's why we produce several uniquely distinct products.

Introduced in 1857 by visionary William Buck, honey bees were shipped from San Jose to Honolulu, marking the inception of beekeeping in Hawaii. This strategic move leveraged Hawaii's biodiversity, leading to the thriving of feral hives across Oahu.

The island's blossoming population and the agricultural expansion into macadamia nut cultivation further fueled beekeeping. The macadamia blossoms became a vital resource for the bees, intertwining the success of Hawaii's bee industry with its agricultural development.

Since those early days, beekeepers like us have placed and tended hive yards in many locations around Oahu and the Big Island, each one selected for its potential to produce delicious raw honey.

How is Raw Honey Better?

Raw honey to us means unprocessed and 100 percent natural. We want as little possible to happen between the bee and you. Rainbow Bees honey is lightly filtered a single time to remove hive debris, and that's it. You receive only what the bees produce.

  • Is our honey organic?
  • How is organic honey produced?

The answers are we place as many hives as possible near organic farms and untended areas where no chemical pesticides and fertilizers are applied. We prefer for our bees to visit organic flowers.

However, bees fly free and pollinate an area as wide as two miles. Ensuring that every flower they contact is organically raised is a goal we strive for, but we prefer to be 100% transparent about the realities.

Is Your Honey Considered a Gourmet Food?

Gourmet | adjective: of, relating to, or being expensive, specialty, or high quality food that typically requires expert and elaborate preparation.

The quality and taste of Rainbow Bees Hawaiian honey products easily meet gourmet standards, but our prices are reasonable. It's also easy to enjoy our honey thanks to its convenient pouch and tiki bottle packaging.

We believe fresh, 100% natural products should be affordable and accessible for everyone.

We're constantly challenging ourselves to do better, and the development of easy-to-carry pouch packing is an excellent example. Our honey pouches are easy to carry to work, on picnics, on camping trips, or wherever you go. Everything we do has convenience and enjoyment in mind.

Where to Buy Our Products

We sell our products direct to consumers and are also a Hawaiian honey wholesaler. Retailers stocking Rainbow Bees products often specialize in all-natural products like ours. They include:

Whole Foods

Whole Foods





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Longs Drugs

ABC Store

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Fresh, minimally filtered, raw honey is what we sell. It's lovingly collected in Hawaii by a family-owned company committed to freshness and quality. We appreciate our customers' loyalty and work hard to earn their business daily.

Learn More About Hawaii Honey

The Hawaiian Islands and their diverse, tropical plant life are unlike anywhere else in the world. As a result, it's no surprise that Hawaii honey is remarkably different, diverse, and flavorful.

Choose any of our products -- Rainbow Blossom, Macadamia Nut, Lehua, or Christmas Berry honey – and you'll enjoy a delicious, natural, unprocessed taste.

If you have questions or want to learn more about ordering our products, we'd love to hear from you today.

At Rainbow Bees, we're all about "Hawaiian Honey for Everyone."