Our Hawaii Honey Varietals |
Each is One-of-a-Kind

Hawaii honey varieties collected from different flowers on the big island.

One of the best things about Hawaiian honey is the choice you have in taste, color, and thickness. Regardless of your preference, finding something to love with our tropical honey varieties is easy.

Our bees forage for tropical nectar in 35 locations on Oahu and the Big Island, and it has everything to do with the taste of our products. The taste is influenced by native plant species, often in rainforest areas, and carefully selected crops such as the Islands' legendary Macadamia tree groves.

Try our Unique Tropical Multi Floral, Lehua, Christmas Berry, and Macadamia honey.

We're a locally owned family company lovingly producing the finest honey varieties from Hawaii. All of our products are raw and unprocessed – a single light filtration to remove hive debris, and that's it. Our philosophy is about freshness and ensuring delicious natural flavor comes through to you.

Hawaiian Raw Honey Varieties
The Perfect One for Every Taste

One of the things we take the most pride in, and our customers enjoy the most, is the delicious variety of tastes in our honey products. Each is distinct and part of our product group for a specific reason. They allow you to use honey for many purposes and accent the flavor of your favorite foods and drinks.

Whether you're a first-time customer or returning to buy your favorite flavor, we encourage you to read more about our Hawaii honey varietals and why each one is special and distinct.

Rainbow Blossom Honey

Rainbow Blossom

  • Our exclusive, multi-floral Hawaiian honey
  • “Best of Show” prize winner
  • Tropical flavor
  • Golden color
Macadamia Honey

Macadamia Honey

Lehua Honey

Lehua Honey

  • Tropical rainforest honey
  • From the Ohia Lehua tree groves
  • Classic sugary-sweet taste
  • Golden color
Christmas Berry Honey

Christmas Berry

  • Unique lighter honey
  • From the Brazilian Pepper (Christmas Berry) trees
  • Thinner texture
  • Peppery or "butterscotch" flavor

Every lover of raw, natural honey will find a flavor to like in our Rainbow Bees product range. They're all an excellent way to enjoy the sweet, memorable taste – and the health benefits of eating honey instead of refined sugar or corn syrup.

Why Do Our Hive Locations Matter?

Where we locate our hive yards and harvest our honey has everything to do with how it tastes – and the Hawaiian Islands provide some of the world's most interesting floral nectars.

  • Tropically produced honey offers deliciously complex flavor profiles
  • Oahu and the Big Island are home to more than 1,400 plant species
  • Rainforests, organic farms, and nut tree groves are next to our hives

We're proud winners of the Big Island Beekeepers Association's "Best of Show" prize for our exclusive Rainbow Blossom Honey, our namesake product. It's a multi-floral tropical product with a flavorful taste that's become a best seller everyplace our products are sold.

If you enjoy Hawaiian specialty honeys, you can't beat the flavor of our Macadamia and Lehua varietals. They're about the farthest thing you can buy from ordinary grocery store honey and have distinctive flavor notes that make them favorites in Hawaii and far beyond.

Big island bee keeper collects different honey varietals in Hawaii.
Hawaii honey bee collecting nectar from a local flower blossom.

What Makes Tropical Honey Varietals Tastier?

Oahu and the Big Island are home to tropical forests, parks, and wildlife preserves that are home to wildflowers growing away from industrial agriculture. Much of the nectar our bees collect comes from areas like these, and their beneficial effect on the taste of our honey varieties is significant.

Rainbow Bees is a locally owned Hawaiian company dedicated to "Honey for Everyone."

Tiki bottle of organic honey from Hawaii.

When we place hive yards near agricultural areas, often organic ones, they are carefully chosen and encompass tropically grown fruits, seeds, nuts, and beans. The plant species include cacao, coffee, bananas, coconuts, mangos, lychee, and avocados.

Few Hawaiian beekeepers consider their hive locations more carefully or look after their bees more lovingly. Healthy, happy bees make better honey.

Do You Sell Raw Hawaiian Honey?

Forklift driver moving a pallet of Big Island honey varietals.

We only sell raw honey. The less that happens to honey between the bee and you, the better.

Most retailers that sell our products are "natural food stores" that intentionally stock products like ours. They select us carefully, and we do the same in return.

The flavor and nutritional profiles of our raw honey have all the benefits of the islands, and we leave in anything beneficial that bees add to honey.

If you're shopping for organic Hawaii honey, we sincerely try to keep our bees away from flowers that are part of industrial agriculture. But knowing bees can fly as far as two miles from their hives, we prefer to educate our customers rather than make claims.

How are Our Honey Varietals Different?

Honey can be produced from the nectar of a single plant (monofloral) or many plants (multi-floral). Depending on your tastes, you can select either when you shop with Rainbow Bees.

Our award-winning Rainbow Blossom product is one of the best Hawaiian multi-floral honey available. The Macadamia nut and Christmas Berry varietals are monofloral. Regardless of your choice, they're all fresh, raw, unprocessed products with delicious and distinctive flavors.

Learn more about types of Hawaiian honey and begin enjoying them all.

Our bees collect nectar in some of the world's most unique tropical environments, making our products taste better. We've strategically located hive yards on the Big Island and Oahu to produce the best-tasting honey Hawaii has to offer.


Look for Rainbow Bees Honey Products

You can buy our products directly from our web store, and we are also a Hawaiian honey wholesaler. You'll find Rainbow Bees products on the shelves and websites of many food retailers. They include:

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When you purchase any of Rainbow Bees four varietals, you'll enjoy raw honey that's natural and unprocessed. We filter it lightly a single time and package it for your enjoyment. Our customers love the taste and appreciate the difference.

Learn More About Honey from Hawaii

We're proud and ethical local beekeepers and Hawaiian honey producers. When you shop with Rainbow Bees, you'll enjoy the variety of flavors Oahu and the Big Island offers.

We hope you'll try all our honey varieties- Rainbow Blossom, Macadamia, Lehua, or Christmas Berry honey – to experience their unique flavor differences.

The Hawaiian Islands and their diverse, tropical plant life are unlike anywhere else in the world. As a result, it's no surprise that Hawaii honey is remarkably different, diverse, and flavorful.

If you have questions or want to learn more about our products, we'd love to hear from you today.