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"Hawaiian Honey for Everyone"

About Us | Rainbow Bees Honey

Regardless of whether you buy our award-winning, all-natural Hawaiian Honey products in our web store or from your local natural food market, you may be interested in knowing more about us.

The story of Rainbow Bees Honey is a simple yet important one about supporting the local communities and farmers of Oahu and the Big Island.

We are focused on producing affordable, local, unprocessed, healthy honey from Hawaii that our customers love for its enjoyably unique flavor.

Every bottle and pouch is collected, lightly filtered a single time, and packed with care and love from our family to yours. You're assured of fresh, all-natural honey with no additives.

About Our Bees – Where They Live Means Everything

First off, because it's important to us and our customers, many of our bees live on organic farms. It means the pollen and nectar they collect to make honey comes from organic sources.

Secondly, they live in 2,500 hives located in more than 35 bee yards (apiaries) in Oahu and on the Big Island. Each location is carefully selected, and our bees serve as important pollinators.

  • Ohia Lehua Rainforest areas
  • Macadamia tree groves
  • Farms, many organic, growing cacao, coffee, banana, coconut, mango, lychee, and avocado

Producing exceptional Hawaiian honeys begins with our bees, and they live their lives in some of the world's most unique and exceptional locations.

Honey comb where Hawaiiʻs raw honey is stored. Big island honey company.
Honey company apiary being managed by a Hawaiian bee keeper.

About Our 4 Hawaiian Honey Varietals

Our four Hawaiian honey varietals are the natural result of our bees' interaction with the Islands' rich and varied plant life. It makes our all-natural honey products truly one of a kind.

  • Rainbow Blossom – tropical flavor, multi-floral Hawaiian honey; amber color and winner of the Big Island Beekeepers Association's "Best of Show" prize
  • Macadamia Nut – stronger tasting, darker honey, akin to brown sugar of molasses, from Hawaii's macadamia nut tree farms; pairs perfectly with desserts
  • Lehua Honey – honey from the Ohia Lehua tree, found only in the Hawaiian Islands' rainforest slopes; golden color with a sugary-sweet traditional taste
  • Christmas Berry – light, thinner honey from the Brazilian Pepper (Christmas Berry) tree; goes well with everything; peppery or "butterscotch" flavor

All of our retail and wholesale honey products are unprocessed and packed fresh in the Hawaiian Islands – they are about as far from factory-farmed supermarket honey brands as you can get.

Why Affordability Matters to Us at Rainbow Bees

Our founding principle of "Honey for Everyone" is rooted in a belief that fresh, natural, healthy foods should be affordable and available to everyone, not reserved only for the wealthy.

We're a local company with hands-on family ownership committed to the finest quality and sustainable food production practices. Often, those are used as excuses for high prices, but not with us.

Knowing where the foods you eat come from is more important now than ever before.

Everything about our production process and pricing is transparent. We are candid and upfront with our customers, deliver high-quality, all-natural products, and work to earn our clients' trust.

Hawaii honey bee collecting nectar from a local flower blossom.

Organic Honey vs. Raw Honey

Many people ask us about organic honey versus raw honey.

  • Organic refers to farming practices that restrict the use of chemical pesticides (which are harmful to bees in the first place) and fertilizers. Raw refers to honey that is unprocessed.

All Rainbow Bees Honey products are unprocessed. They come direct from the bee to you, and the only thing we do is a single-step filtration to remove hive debris and wax.

Tiki bottle of organic honey from Hawaii.

Further, we've been careful to locate our apiaries (bee hive yards) in proximity to organic farms and wild landscapes free from pesticides and fertilizers to the greatest extent possible.

About Our Packaging

Rainbow Bees packaging is designed to make using our honey easier and more enjoyable.

Convenient Honey Pouches – Our unique pouches are a nod to our customers' lifestyles and their desire for greater convenience. They slip easily into backpacks, totes, and purses, so it's easy to enjoy all-natural Hawaii honey anywhere -- on a picnic, with your morning tea at work, or as a natural alternative to sugar-sweeteners on your kids' ice cream after a soccer game.

Our Signature Tiki Bottles – Classic Hawaiian-themed honey bottles that are unmistakably Rainbow Bees. They help our customers quickly distinguish our products on store shelves and have a kitschy flair that's fun and memorable. They've also made our honey popular for "gifts from Hawaii.

Owner and wholesaler of Hawaiian honey, Malcom, standing next to a bee hive.

Our Business

We are a retailer, selling direct to you, the consumer, and a wholesaler of Hawaiian honey. Retailers who sell our products share the same commitment to all-natural products as we do.

A list of grocers where you may find our products includes:

  • Whole Foods
  • Amazon
  • Foodland
  • Longs
  • ABC Store
  • Kakaako
Rainbow Bees Hawaii honey company warehouse.

No matter where you purchase our products, in a store or online, you'll enjoy the same unprocessed fresh from Hawaii flavor. Many customers tell us that after trying our honey, they'd never be satisfied with any other brand.

About the People of Rainbow Bees

Everyone on our team is committed to producing the freshest and most flavorful honeys from Hawaii. We collect and lightly filter our products with the same car we'd want for our own families.

Whether you enjoy our signature Rainbow Blossom, or the more specific macadamia nut, Lehua, or Christmas Berry honeys, you can be assured of a fresh, unprocessed taste.

The bottom line is we're a family-owned and operated company caring for our local communities and our bees in a responsible, ethical manner.

We're Rainbow Bees, dedicated to the best Hawaiian honey for everyone.