3oz. tropical honey. Floral Hawaii honey by Rainbow Bees.
Hawaiian rainbow blossom multi-floral honey tiki bottles. Rainbow Bees.
9oz Hawaii floral honey. Hawaiian Rainbow Bees.
Bottle of rainbow blossoms honey, 24 oz. Flowery honey from Hawaii. Rainbow Bees.

Rainbow Blossom Honey Tiki Bottles (Starting from)

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Indulge in the sweet essence of Hawaii with our Rainbow Blossom Honey Tiki Bottles. Gathered from the lush flora of the Big Island, this award-winning multi-floral honey is not just a product – it's a cultural experience carefully bottled to bring the spirit of Aloha right to your doorstep.

Hawaiian Multi-Floral Honey Highlights:

  • Authentic Hawaiian Honey: Our multi-floral Rainbow Blossom Honey is sourced directly from hives nestled in the rich, volcanic soil of the Big Island, infused with the essence of Hawaii’s lush tropical flora.
  • Unique Bottle Design: Our patented Tiki bottles pay homage to Hawaii’s rich culture, designed with insights from The Place of Refuge and local Hawaiian culture experts.
  • Award-Winning Quality: Recognized as Best of Show by the Big Island Beekeepers Association, our Rainbow Blossom honey doesn't just taste good; it's acknowledged as the best.
  • Natural and Nutritious: Lightly filtered to retain its natural enzymes and nutrients, offering you all the health benefits that raw honey provides.
  • Versatile Sizes: Available in 3 oz., 9 oz., and 24 oz. bottles, choose the perfect size to share or savor.
  • Other Flavors: In addition to our Rainbow Blossom, discover other Hawaii honey varieties such as Macadamia, Lehua, and Christmas Berry - each with its exquisite taste profile.

Rainbow Bees Honey is not just selling the best honey; we’re sharing Hawaii itself. From our hives to your home, we're devoted to presenting a product that's as rich in culture as it is in flavor.

Are you ready to experience a palate of flavors that tells a story? The Rainbow Blossom Honey Tiki Bottles embody the soul of the islands - a rare find for the conscious consumer and lover of the finer things. Shop our collection of Hawaii honey products now to join the Rainbow Bees Honey 'ohana (family) and make our tradition part of your daily routine.

Discover Rainbow Blossom Honey Tiki Bottles and taste the luxury of pure, Hawaiian-crafted honey—where every drop is a celebration of heritage and flavor. Get your Tiki bottle today and sweeten your life with the richness of Aloha.