3oz tiki bottle of Mac Nut honey by Hawaiian Rainbow Bees.
Hawaiian macadamia honey in tiki bottles, Rainbow Bees.
24oz bottle of Macadamia Nut Honey by Rainbow Bees.
All-natural Macadamia honey made in Hawaii. Mac honey, Rainbow Bees.

Macadamia Hawaiian Honey Tiki Bottles (Starting from)

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Savor the bold flavor of our Macadamia Honey directly from the lush landscapes of Hawaii to your home. Rainbow Bees takes pride in delivering a taste that is as unique and delightful as the islands themselves. Our Hawaii honey is a testament to the natural richness of organic farms spread across Oahu and the Big Island. Experience an authentic taste of Hawaii with every bottle.

What Sets Our Macadamia Honey Apart

Bold Flavor Profile: Relish the rich, nutty flavor reminiscent of macadamia nuts and heartwarming molasses that distinguish our honey from any other.

Authentic: Our Hawaiian honey comes from bees foraging in organic farms, giving you raw, pure nectar lightly filtered to preserve all its natural goodness.

Exclusive Tiki Bottles: The patented Tiki bottles capture the spirit of Hawaiian heritage, a design curated to honor cultures and connect you to the land's age-old traditions.

Sizes: Choose from 3oz, 9oz, and 24oz bottles to cater to your lifestyle and needs—perfect for cooking, baking, beverages, or pure enjoyment. 

Benefits of Our Honey:

Raw and Nutrient-Rich: Our raw honey retains vital enzymes and nutrients because we believe in providing you with all the wholesome benefits that honey can offer.

Healthy Indulgence: Rainbow Bees' honey made in Hawaii allows you to treat yourself without compromising on your wellness, offering a health-forward alternative to refined sweeteners and the best honey substitute for sugar for baking.

Variety of Uses: Whether you're drizzling over breakfast treats or sweetening your tea, Macadamia Nut Honey is your go-to ingredient for enhancing flavors.

From Our Hives to Your Home: With 2,500 hives across over 35 apiaries, we infuse our commitment to sustainability and community in every drop.

Our Hawaiian macadamia honey is more than a sweet addition to your pantry—it's a jar of honey with a heart.  Shop our online selection of honey products, including lehua honey, Christmas berry honey, and our award-winning Rainbow Blossoms honey.

With every bottle of our authentic honey, you're not just getting a taste of the islands—you're supporting local farmers and helping to sustain the unique ecosystem that makes Hawaii so special.

So go ahead and try the bold and delicious flavors of our Macadamia Honey while knowing you're making a positive impact.  Keep the spirit of Hawaii alive with Rainbow Bees. Let's spread aloha, one bottle at a time.