3oz bottle of Christmas Berry Hawaiian honey.
Hawaii Christmas Berry Honey in tiki bottles from Rainbow Bees. Organic wilelaiki honey.
9oz tiki bottle of Christmas berry gourmet honey from Hawaii.
Christmas berry honey in 24 oz tiki bottle. Rainbow Bees.

Christmas Berry Honey Tiki Bottles (Starting from)

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Treat your taste buds with the sweetness of our Christmas Berry Honey, also known as wilelaiki honey. Presented to you by Rainbow Bees, we are an award-winning producer of the best raw honey in Hawaii. With our tiki bottles commemorating Hawaii’s culture, enjoy this distinctive organic honey that promises a flavor adventure with every drop.

Key Features:

  • Unique Flavor Profile: Experience the rich tapestry of taste with a "butterscotch" touch and a peppery finish that sets our Christmas Berry Honey apart—not your ordinary honey, but a gourmet treat with a subtle kick.
  • Cultural Heritage Tiki Bottles: Each bottle, crafted in the spirit of Hawaiian tradition, stands as a tribute to the heritage and culture of Hawaii. The design, developed in collaboration with local institutions and experts, is meant to honor and evoke the essence of Aloha.
  • Multiple Sizes for Every Occasion: Whether you're a connoisseur or a casual honey lover, we’ve got you covered with our convenient 3oz, 9oz, and 24oz bottles—a size for every need.
  • A Natural Harvest: Our bees, serving as pollinators on organic farms, provide you with Hawaiian honey that's lightly filtered to retain all its natural goodness, clarity, and distinctive flavor profiles.

Sourced from Rainbow Bees' extensive collection of apiaries across the Hawaiian Islands, our honey encapsulates the purity and soul of the Pacific. Savor the traditional flair with the knowledge that you're enjoying a product that's been collected with care and passion from organic farms, where hives not only produce honey but contribute to the natural cycle of pollination.

With the confidence and assurance of Rainbow Bees' commitment to sustainability and cultural heritage, you’re not just choosing a superior product—you're becoming part of a story that spans decades of Hawaiian teaching and respect for nature. Be bold and add our Christmas Berry Honey to your pantry, inviting an authentic piece of the islands into your home.

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No matter which variety you choose, you can trust in the quality and authenticity of Rainbow Bees. Our dedication to sustainable beekeeping practices, local partnerships, and traditional Hawaiian heritage ensures that every bottle is infused with the spirit of Aloha.