Case of Christmas Berry Honey, bulk honey from Hawaii. 12 count of 24 oz tiki bottles. Hawaiian Rainbow Bees.
24oz tiki bottle of Christmas Berry, Wilelaiki honey, Hawaiian Rainbow Bees.

Case of Christmas Berry Honey - 24oz Tiki Bottles (12 count)

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Experience the sweet essence of Hawaii with our Case of Christmas Berry Honey - 24oz Tiki Bottles (12 count). Our Hawaiian bulk honey packaged in a patented tiki bottle is an homage to Hawaii's rich heritage, designed in collaboration with cultural experts for an authentic touch. Whether for your restaurant or personal pantry, our Hawaii honey is a perfect choice.

Christmas Berry Honey Features & Benefits:

  • Authentic Source: Directly from over 35 apiaries in Hawaii, our bees thrive among organic farms, enhancing their role as vital pollinators.
  • Unique Flavor Profile: Discover the "butterscotch" or peppery twist that sets our Christmas Berry Honey (Wilelaiki honey) apart from the ordinary.
  • Raw and Natural: With minimal processing, the honey retains its three vital natural enzymes, characteristic of the highest quality raw honey.
  • Cultural Connection: Each Tiki bottle reflects the Hawaiian connection to land and tradition, making it more than just honey—it's a cultural experience.

Why Choose Our Honey for Your Restaurant?

  • Bulk Quantity: With a 12 count of 24oz bottles, never run short of this splendid honey for your culinary creations and sweetening desires.
  • Versatility: Enhance your dishes or beverages with a swirl of our Hawaiian Christmas Berry Honey, adding depth and a touch of Hawaiian paradise.
  • Educational Impact: By choosing our product, you're supporting a local Hawaiian brand dedicated not only to beekeeping but also to the education of Hawaiian culture.

Make the wise choice for your establishment and delight your guests with the pure flavors of Hawaii's natural landscape. Immerse yourself in the world of Rainbow Bees' Hawaiian honey, where every drop is a testament to tradition, quality, and the sweetness of island life.

Please note: this product is presented in a bulk format specifically for restaurants and commercial use, ensuring you have ample supply for all your needs.

Discover the taste of Hawaii's Christmas Berry Honey and bring the aloha spirit to your table.

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Experience the diverse flavors of Hawaii with our range of premium honey varieties. Each one is carefully sourced and crafted to capture the essence of this beautiful paradise. Add a drizzle or two to your dishes and elevate them to new heights of deliciousness. And with our bulk sizes, you can stock up and enjoy the taste of Hawaii all year round. Mahalo for choosing Hawaiian Rainbow Bees! We hope it brings a touch of aloha to your everyday life.