Case of Ohia Lehua Honey. Bulk restaurant and retailer honey. 12 - 24oz bottles of honey.
24oz bottle of Hawaiian lehua honey made in Hawaii. Rainbow Bees.

Case of Lehua Honey - 24oz Tiki Bottles (12 count)

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From the upland rainforests and organically nurtured farms of the Hawaiian archipelago, a sweet treasure of the islands arrives at your table -- Case of Lehua Honey in beautifully designed 24oz Tiki Bottles. Packaged as a bulk honey offering with 12 spectacular bottles, this delightful lehua honey is a treat for both the palate and the eyes.

Sourced by Hawaiian Rainbow Bees – a local, family-operated business that prides itself on producing raw, all-natural honey – this variety is harvested with care from the hives on Oahu and the Big Island, ensuring each drop contains the full-bodied essence of Hawaii’s unique flora.

Our Cases of Lehua Honey Feature:

  • Genuine Hawaiian Honey: Each bottle encases the purity of all-natural Hawaii honey taken straight from the hive to the bottle, with just a light filtering to ensure you experience honey as nature intended.
  • Lehua Blossom Origin: Derived from the nectar of the Ohia Lehua tree, this organic honey boasts a bright golden hue with a delicate, sugary sweetness that reflects its traditional taste and island heritage.
  • Raw and Natural: Our Hawaiian lehua honey is as raw as it gets; unprocessed with no additives, preserving the natural enzymes and the authenticity of its roots.
  • Perfect for Culinary Use: Whether you're a chef in a restaurant or a bakery seeking quality products for customers, the 24oz Tiki Bottles provide ample size for diverse uses, from savory cooking applications to sweetening beverages.

Product Benefits:

  • A delicate, light flavor profile ideal for enhancing dishes without overwhelming the senses.
  • Convenient 12-count bulk packaging, perfect for high-volume use.
  • Warm and inviting, our Ohia Lehua Honey bottles are ready to grace your shelves or kitchen with their distinct Tiki design, embodying the spirit of Hawaii.
  • A versatile choice for culinary content creators who value natural sweetness and top-quality ingredients in their recipes.

The Lehua Honey Tiki Bottles are not just containers of honey; they are keepsakes that honor Hawaiian traditions and culture. Designed in collaboration with cultural centers and local Hawaiian culture experts, they stand testament to the respect and value Hawaiian Rainbow Bees has for the heritage of the Hawaiian Islands. While you savor the honey, you'll also appreciate the craftsmanship that links the past to the present through each Tiki bottle.

Our Lehua Honey is more than food or sweetener; it's a connection to the Hawaiian way of life – one where the rhythms of nature dictate the sweetness of life's moments. Make this connection part of your everyday experience; bring home the essence of Hawaii with a case of Lehua Honey.

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